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  • When can Benchmark photograph my property?

    We normally can shoot a property within 1-3 business days from the time you place your order. Please contact us at your earliest convenience to schedule a service appointment.

  • How long will the photoshoot take?

    Well honestly, that depends. We normally spend about one hour to take twenty-five (25) pictures with our MarkOne photo service. A virtual walk-through for a 3000 square-foot house will take about one and a half hours. Other services can vary. Please contact us, and we can provide an estimate of the amount of time required for your particular order.

  • What is your turn-around time?

    Our normal turnaround for photography services is next day Monday through Saturday, and the day after next when the photo session is scheduled after 5pm.  If you need your images sooner or on the weekend, we offer an expedite service that will send the images to you by 12pm the following day if the photo session is completed by 5pm the prior day.

  • What is your policy regarding inclement weather?

    Benchmark will photograph the interiors of your property no matter what the weather conditions (e.g. rain, cloudy, etc.) are at the time of the service appointment.  If you want us to come back out at another scheduled time to shoot the exteriors when the weather permits, an Inclement Weather Return charge ($25) will be assessed.  Please check the weather forecast the day before the shoot to make sure you want us to proceed. You are welcome to reschedule your photoshoot at any time with a 24-hour notice prior to the appointment.

    If it is determined by Corporate that the weather conditions are simply too dangerous to drive to the property location, Benchmark may call customers to cancel the scheduled appointment in the interest of everyone’s safety. Under these hazardous conditions, there is no charge.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    If you need to change or cancel your appointment, please contact us at 214-494-9231 or send us an email at customerservice@benchmarkimagingcorp.com.

    If an appointment is cancelled within 12-hours of a scheduled service appointment, there will be a cancellation fee of $75. If the appointment is cancelled onsite (e.g. including, but not limited to, the property not being ready to be photographed, photographer does not have proper access or resident declines permission to enter property, etc.) $100 cancellation fee will be charged. We understand emergencies arise, and therefore, reserve the right to waive any cancellation fees. These fees compensate our photographers for the cost of gasoline, mileage, etc. and for reserving their time for the scheduled appointment.

  • What is your satisfaction guarantee policy?

    Benchmark prides itself in providing the best quality and value for our services and will do everything to ensure your satisfaction. If for any reason there is an issue with our services within 5 days of delivery, please contact us during this time. We will strive to correct any issues you might have.

  • Does Benchmark have Supra access?

    Benchmark employees have Supra access which makes it convenient and easy for the listing agent and seller to be off-property during the photo session and for Benchmark to securely access the property. Each employee has agreed to abide by the Professional Conduct Working Group of the Professional Standards Committee so that you can trust our services are being performed professionally at the home.

    As an Affiliate Supra member, Benchmark must obtain a Call Before Showing (CBS) Code from the listing agent to open the key compartment of a Supra lockbox.  Every Supra lockbox has assigned to it a unique CBS code, and this code allows the listing agent to control KeyBox access for all Affiliate keyholders.

    There are several ways of obtaining a CBS code for an iBox for an Affiliate if it is not immediately known:

    1. As the listing agent, contact your local Association (e.g. CCAR, MetroTex, etc.) and ask for Supra support.  The appropriate credentials will be required in order to receive the CBS code from the support person,
    2. Check the original paperwork that was provided whenever the iBox was leased.  The information should be on the yellow sheet with stickers attached containing the iBox serial number, CBS code and shackle code, or
    3. Register your iBox on the KIM (Key Information Manager) website (www.supraekey.com).  Click Agents Log-In and then “How to Get Access” once registered.  You may look up the Shackle and CBS codes associated with your iBox at any time.
      • A Supra member can also contact the KIM Voice emergency key update number, (888) 968-4032, and request a CBS code for one of their iBoxes.
      • If you have already registered with Supra and do not know your User ID or Password, you will need to contact Supra at 877-699-6787.
  • Does Benchmark have a home prep check list?

    Please click on the following link to review the Home Prep Check List.

  • What are my usage rights?

    Please click on the following link to view Benchmark’s License Terms & Conditions.

  • What is the difference between a video and virtual walk-through?

    A video is basically a filmed or recorded tour of the home. Once the video begins to play, it visually takes the viewer through the home by a guided sequence without any interaction. A virtual walk-through allows the viewer to step through the home and take a self-guided tour of the property. Both of these options run on mobile phone, tablets, and computers. No additional equipment, for example, virtual reality headsets, are required for the virtual walk-through. Viewers can easily navigate using a touch screen or arrows to rotate within a room or move to the next room. Traditional top-down (Floorplan View) or 3D aspect (Dollhouse View) perspectives also provide unique views of the space of the home. Floorplans are available with the virtual walk-through option.

  • What are the resolutions of my images?

    Resolutions vary by file/video type:
    Web-resolution photographs: 1024 x 683 pixels
    High-resolution photographs: 3000 x 2000 pixels
    High Definition (HD) Video (1080p): 1920 x 1080 pixels

  • What are the Virtual Walk-Through (VWT) requirements for viewing?

    PC Vista or newer
    Internet Explorer (Windows 8 or newer)
    Mac iOS 10.7 or newer
    Apple: iOS 8.1.3 or newer
    Safari (Apple iOS 10.8 or newer)
    Android 5.0 or newer with full WebGL support

  • What areas does Benchmark serve?

    We currently serve Collin, Dallas, and Denton counties in the North Texas area.


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