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We help real estate agents increase the number of their showings, win more listings, sell homes quicker, and attract more qualified homebuyers by combining conventional and cutting-edge technologies to impress your clients and make your real estate brand stand out.

Specially Priced Bundled Services

When it comes to marketing, top producers in the real estate industry know differentiation is key.  Benchmark offers 10 specially priced packages to help capture the attention of potential buyers by making the property stand out.  Impress your clients and turn leads to more referrals and more listings.  Choose bundled services including vivid window view photo enrichment (i.e. Mk2/Mk3 mixing), video, aerial, and 3D imaging options to make your listings be noticed!

  • $189
  • The perfect 25-pic portfolio set with the still images embedded in a professional video up to two minutes to help boost your social media.

  • Special
  • $299
  • Ideal image, aerial, and video packaged bundle to capture property. Includes 25 Mk2 photos, 5 aerial pics, and aerial/still image video.

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Other Featured Bundles

* Pricing for vwt (VWT) is based on square footage. Minimum 2000 sq ft. Pricing $0.08 per sq ft (up to 5000 sq ft) and $0.06 per sq ft (between 5000 and 10000 sq ft)

BackyardNot all [fill in the blank] are the same

Well, we were thinking [photography]. Benchmark provides an enhanced backend process to insure each picture meets our rigorous quality standards. In addition, if you need a fast turnaround with remarkable quality at an exceptionally fair price, that’s Benchmark Imaging.

Engage Buyers Where They Start Their Search

Nearly 90% of homebuyers use a smartphone to explore real estate and that first impression is essential.  Engage them with professional photography and sell homes nearly one month faster.

MarkOne, MarkTwo, and MarkThree Service Levels

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to marketing your listing. We offer three photography service levels so you can choose what’s right for you. Clear descriptions and affordable pricing for each service level empower you to make an informed business decision. To keep it simple, we charge based on the number of photos, not the square footage.

  • MarkOne is our standard photography level capturing the interior flow and the interior/exterior features of the home providing exceptional quality images at value pricing

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    MarkOne 15 $99
    MarkOne Additional (ea) $2.49
    MarkOne 25 $123.90
    Permanent License (ea) $7.99
  • MarkTwo provides a more natural ambiance by increasing shading depth and minimizing orange color cast caused by interior lighting even across adjoining rooms to make the property standout

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    MarkTwo 25 $149
    MarkTwo 36 $199
    MarkTwo Additional (ea) $4.59
    Permanent License Included $0.00
  • MarkThree adds vivid window views while accentuating the interior and exterior architectural features of the property. This top-of-the-line service level is perfect for luxury homes

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    MarkThree 25 $249
    MarkThree 36 $349
    MarkThree Additional (ea) $9.99
    Permanent License Included $0.00

Increase Showings… Always Open and Always Show-Ready!

Service Add-Ons

Blue Sky – $29 (up to 5) or $6.99 each

Sunny blue skies make a better impression in a photo portfolio. We can turn an overcast, gloomy sky into a beautiful blue sky for all exterior shots with this add-on. Just let us know before we shoot your customer’s property.

Green Grass – $29 (up to 5) or $6.99 each

Like the blue sky upgrade, grass greening makes a better impression in a photo portfolio and overall attractiveness of the property. Even though grass is generally brown in the fall and winter, this add-on for outside shots can provide a charming impression of what the yard will look like in the spring. This option is not available where there is no grass or, for example, if the ground is covered in snow.

Blue Sky & Green Grass Combo – $39 (up to 5) or $8.99 each

The blue sky and green grass combination is perfect for the fall and winter months.  Enhance your exterior photographs with this value-priced, stunning  add-on and get noticed.


  • Video - $49 (25) or $59 (36)

    Post a professional video up to two minutes on your YouTube or Vimeo channel to boost your social media. 25 or 36 still images are embedded to capture the best color and compositions of the property.

  • Twilight (up to 5) - $99

    Twilight photography gives a warm and inviting charm to the home at nightfall. All indoor and outdoor lighting is turned on including patio lights, spot lights, fire pits, etc. to radiate a glistening effect of the home.

  • Vivid Window Views - $9.99 (each)

    Add five vivid, see-through window views to any MarkOne photo session. This enhancement is perfect to view exterior kitchens, pools, landscaping, etc. from the interior to enrich the entire picture setting.

  • TV Screen Replacement- $3.99 (each)

    Digitally replace the TV and media room screens with beautiful images of the property’s exterior, or we can blacken the screen. Simply choose the number of photos to change with this marketing enhancement

Need a lift…Check Out Our Drone Services

  • Rush Delivery - $29

    If you need your image package faster than our normal delivery, we can rush your order and deliver it to you by noon the next day.

  • Subdivision Package - $39

    With this add-on, we’ll capture the subdivision’s amenities including the clubhouse, playground, pool, tennis courts, etc. Up to five (5) photos.

  • MLS Upload - $19

    Let Benchmark upload your images to MLS within 24-hours of the photo session with our direct service.

  • Room Measurement - $24

    While we’re on property, let Benchmark take room measurements for your MLS listing. Save time with no extra trips.


Latest Cutting Edge Technology for Marketing Real Estate

Virtual Walk-Through (VWT) is an immersive technology that allows buyers to view a prospective home from any angle and be captivated in a self-guided tour. It’s much, much more effective than video. Click on the demos below to take a tour!

                              Starting at only $160*


Empower buyers to explore properties on essentially any smartphone, tablet, or personal computer


Buyers spend three times more exploring and are 95% more likely to reach out to an agent


View a top-down floorplan or a dollhouse perspective to see how different levels stack up in 3D

Immersive 3D Walk-Through

Residential Home on Golf Course
Garden of Historic Godfrey-Singleton House


Click the play button in the center to see a demonstration of a Virtual Walk-Through self-guided tour


Simply tap/drag your touch screen or use your keyboard arrow keys or mouse to move about or view a room


Showcase the home’s layout online 24/7 and immerse prospective buyers in the flow of the property

24/7 Open House at Your Finger Tips

  • Win More listings

    Demonstrate to sellers on-the-spot and differentiate your business with leading edge marketing tools that show the flow of the property

  • Schematic Floor Plans - $49

    Add floor plans to your marketing portfolio to create a complete listing presentation, engage more buyers, and ultimately lead to more sales

  • 24/7 Open House

    Show your listings virtually…anytime—even while you sleep! Engage home buyers online 24/7 where they start their search

  • Amaze your sellers

    Let buyers explore on their own to create an immediate connection to the listed property by seeing a top-down floorplan or dollhouse view

  • Market Through Social Media

    Prospects will more likely choose you when it comes time to sell after they have seen the experiences you offer through social media like Facebook

  • More Qualified Homebuyers

    When sellers see that you are using the latest cutting edge real estate technology to market their home, they will be blown away!

  • YouTube VWT Video - $79

    Boost your seller's property on social media. Includes a short, custom VWT YouTube compatible video with a link to drive the viewer to interact with virtual walk-through of the property. VWT purchase required.

  • Embedded Marketing Tags - $4 each

    Embed marketing tags by anchoring text descriptions into the 3D virtual walk-throughs to specific physical locations. Spotlight key features and finishes of the property to enhance a potential buyer’s overall experience.

* Pricing for vwt (VWT) is based on square footage. Minimum 2000 sq ft. Pricing $0.08 per sq ft (up to 5000 sq ft) and $0.06 per sq ft (between 5000 and 10000 sq ft)

In addition to photography on the ground, we can handle projects from above just as easily!


Eye-Catching Views

Benchmark will take care to ensure every angle you need is showcased to attract potential buyers, all in one session. We can provide a flyover of the home and surrounding landscape to provide a truly eye‑catching view of the entire property.  We’ll capture professional UHD 4K video and high-resolution pictures up to 400 feet in the air.

360 Degree Inspection Services

We also provide 360 degree inspection services for buildings, towers and more.  Benchmark’s aerial inspections allow for a safe, up close view that is very cost-effective when compared to manual or physical inspections.

Increase Showings… Always Open and Always Show-Ready!

  • Aerial 12-megapixel high-resolution photography (up to 10 pictures)

    $ 149
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    Aerial Photos (2) $99
    Aerial Photos (up to 5) $119
    Aerial Photos additional (ea) $9.99
  • Aerial high-definition (HD) video only (up to two minutes)

    $ 299
    Book Now
    Aerial HD Video additional 1 minute (ea) $49
  • Aerial high-definition video (up to two minutes) and high-res photography (up to 10 pictures)

    $ 399
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*Aerial video & photography availability is subject to FAA regulations and may not be available for all properties.  In addition, severe weather conditions including wind speeds exceeding 20 mph, snow, rain, or fog may delay a scheduled appointment.

FAA Small Unmanned Aerial Systems Regulations (Yeah…legal stuff!)

On August 29, 2016, the FAA implemented new regulations regarding small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) more commonly known as drones. Under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 107 (14 CFR Part 107), these new regulations effectively created a drone certification process that covers all commercial sUAS flight operations.

To operate commercially, individuals must receive a Remote Pilot Airman Certificate issued by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Individuals must pass an aeronautical knowledge test and be vetted by the Transportation Security Administration to obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate with an sUAS rating. Under this FAA regulation, Benchmark is qualified and certified to operate sUAS’s commercially including for real estate photography, inspections, mapping, land surveys, etc.