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Our Mission

Benchmark Imaging is a service-based company headquartered in Plano, Texas helping real estate agents increase the number of their showings, win more listings, sell homes quicker, and attract more qualified homebuyers by combining conventional and cutting-edge technologies to impress your clients and make your real estate brand stand out.

What We Do and Why We Do It

We saw an opportunity to help improve online real estate marketing in the North Texas area. Benchmark developed a proprietary backend workflow to create stunning real estate photography modeled after techniques used in high-end architectural photography and wanted to offer these high-quality images at very affordable prices. At the same time, we developed three distinct service levels (MarkOne, MarkTwo, and MarkThree) to align our pricing based on value and quality. We strongly believe pricing should be based upon the number of images needed—not the square footage of a home.

Benchmark also sought out a technology that would actively engage the homebuyer during their online pursuit, immerse them in a floorplan, and create a strong affinity of the home simply by using an advanced technology to virtually extend the buyer’s accessibility to the home. Virtual Walk-Through was that technology. It is an advanced, immersive 3D imaging software allowing homebuyers to view a prospective home from any angle and to be captivated in a self-guided tour of the property. Viewers can easily navigate using touch screens or arrows to rotate within an area or move room-to- room on a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer. No additional equipment such as virtual reality headsets are required even though it feels like you are there. Combined with exceptional photography, we believe Virtual Walk-Through is the best technology available today for real estate agents to market and grow their business.

Benchmark’s leadership team is committed to providing the highest-quality, latest marketing technology, and best service to real estate marketing professionals.

When quality and value matter…remember Benchmark Imaging.


  • Glenn Lee


    Glenn Lee brings more than 30 years of executive experience in strategic corporate management, sales, marketing, operations, and product development. He has co-founded and helped several companies recognized as the top fastest growing businesses in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. He has an extensive background in image processing and color lighting and is committed to driving quality and value.

  • Gary Eastham

    Chief Technical Officer

    Gary Eastham is passionate about quality, service and customer satisfaction. Combining over 30 years of sales, business and technical expertise, he strives to create the ultimate customer experience. As a former agent and an active real estate licensee, Gary understands the critical needs of real estate agents and is driven to exceed their expectations.

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